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Vehicle Legislation - Where You Can Read the Legislation that Affects You and Your Company Drivers!

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

Vehicle legislation like this hammers home that companies have a responsibility to carry out assessments of risk to the health & safety of employees whilst they are at work and to the people who may be affected by their work activities. Driving on company business is affected by these regulations.

Health and Safety at Work Act

This act requires the employer to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees (full or part time) whilst at work. This includes work-related journeys and covers all drivers whether they are in company vehicles, using their own vehicles for business use, temporary drivers or freelance, agency or contract workers.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

These regulations ensure that work equipment is suitable for its intended use, safe, inspected and properly maintained. It also requires those using the equipment to be properly trained. For vehicle legislation for "equipment" read Vehicles and "those using the equipment to be properly trained" read Drivers!

Working Time Regulations

The numbers of hours employees can be expected to work are set out by these regulations. Work hours are based on rolling averages, essentially ensuring employees do not have to work more than 48 hours a week over a 17-week rolling period.

Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations

Vehicle legislation that sets the standard for vehicles that can be used on the UK's roads.

Road Safety Act

This modernises current legislation to introduce variable penalties for speeding, gets tougher on drink drivers and punishes hand-held mobile phone uses more harshly, amongst a range of other initiatives.

Road Traffic Act

The cornerstone on which the Police and Crown Prosicution Service base their procedures.

NPIA - Road Death Investigation Manual

Not legislation but important reading for VDOC Mangers to understand a little better Police methods. The RDIM is a guide for the police that sets out how they should deal with deaths on the road and it emphasises that, until proven otherwise, they should be treated as unlawful killings. Recent additions have been included that deal specifically with companies!

Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007

This legislation makes it easier to hold a company personally guilty, of gross negligence. The new Act looks more widely at failings within the senior management of an organisation, so a company can be prosecuted, rather than an individual.

Vehicle Legislation Disclaimer

The information on this page is regularly updated and checked for accuracy and completeness.

However it is important to note that legal information must be used with a degree of caution.

This also applies to those pages linked to this page.

Users must be aware that whilst an Act or Statutory Instrument (SI) may still be in force, parts may have been superseded by later legislation or completely withdrawn.

If you use a printed or online version of an Act or Statutory Instrument this will generally be in the form that it was originally produced.

Any withdrawn or amended sections will still be contained within the Act or SI and there will be nothing in the document to identify those sections that no longer apply.

Please seek independent legal advice before acting!
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