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Speeding Volvo Tow Truck

Codes and Penalty Points

Speeding Ticket Codes for each traffic offence are shown on your driver's part 2 driving licence along with the amount of time it will remain there. The driver will also see it on the summons they receive from the authorities (Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Courts Etc.).

You as VDOC manager must monitor the driving licences of all drivers on your companies or oranisations business on a regular basis to ensure that your Vehicles Duty of Care in this area does not catch you out!

N.B.When does the Judgment start? Date of the Offence or the Conviction?

Penalty Code

Speeding Limits

Penalty Points


Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits

3 - 6


Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)

3 - 6


Exceeding statutory limit on a public road

3 - 6


Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit

3 - 6


Exceeding speed limit on a motorway

3 - 6

Penalty points for this offence start from: - The date of the offence

The Penalty points remain on the licence for: - Four (4) Years

Example: Date of offence is 10th January 2010 - the endorsement points must stay on the licence until 10th January 2014

"Totting-up" penalty points

If you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of three years, you'll be liable to be disqualified under the "totting-up" system. This is shown on your licence as TT99.

Information on your driving entitlement and endorsements are sent to the courts and police on request.

All driving offences which carries penalty points the court has a discretionary power to order the licence holder to be disqualified, fined and imprisoned. This may be for Obligatory or Discretionary periods the court thinks fit under court guidelines - HERE

Got a Ticket? - Camera Got You?

Brief Solicitors who understand Road Traffic Law!

There are limits to the amount of vehicles humour you can put on a page about this offence, with so many view points, that we could debate it till the cows come home.

The one thing we cannot escape is that the faster one hits an object, the greater the damage one does to the weaker of the two involved.

The tragedy is that when its a vehicle and a girl, the difference between life and death is so small, only 5kph!

Vehicles Duty of Care - Golden Rules

Driving offences can make your drivers and your company vulnerable immediately following a road incident and therefore it is here that you want to be sure that you have done all that you can to support the driver while protecting the company to make sure that the correct procedures will be followed.

A VDOC manager must be able to prove at all times to both management and the authorities that their driving licence records are up to date and that includes all driving offences!

Signed for - Written instructions and advice to all drivers of vehicles on company business!

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