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Road Tax Bands & C02 Emissions

12 Month Car Road Tax Calculator

Road Tax Bands and C02 emissions have become a part of vehicle duty of care due to the cost now of 12 months tax differentials between car tax band A £0 and M at £1,000.

Within the UK the amount of road tax payable is directly related to the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the engine and is divided into a number of road tax bands. Having a vehicle tax system based on engine emissions is relatively unique to the UK with only Ireland having a similar system. Most other countries that have a road tax system base it on either the size of the car engine or on the overall value of the vehicle.

The current road tax band system was introduced for vehicles manufactured after March 2001. The greater the amount of CO2 emissions the greater the amount of tax that is payable on the car. Cars registered before March 2001 still have to pay tax, but this is based on engine size. At the time of writing engines with a capacity of less than 1500cc are taxed at £130 every 12 months and those with greater engine capacities are taxed at £215.

For petrol or diesel cars registered after March 2001 there is an increasing sliding scale of road tax requirements. Currently there are 13 categories which range from £0 for vehicles with emissions less than 101g/km up to £460 for vehicles producing more than 255g/km. The full scales are included in the table below.

The maximum amount payable for cars registered before 23rd March 2006 is £250. There is a separate scale for cars that run on alternative fuels which essentially amounts to an annual road tax saving of £10.

In addition to the above system all new cars registered since March 1st 2010 are subject to a different rate of tax for their first 12 months registration only. Essentially this separate road tax band system rewards the lesser polluting cars and significantly penalises the less environmentally friendly cars with a top rate band of £1000 for cars producing over 255g/km.

There is a separate banding system for motorcycle and commercial vehicles that is not included here, but the current tax bands can be found in the table below.

No matter who owns or funds the vehicle the company VDOC manager must keep a list of all the vehicles used on company business and check their road tax is current, particularly now as RFL has become so expensive it is amazing to what lengths some people will go to avoid paying!

N.B. All Car Tax Bands are quoted for 12 Months - Add the 1st Reg fee to the tax band for New Registrations - (DVLA) also require a fee of £55.00 - Certain vehicles are exempt*



Alt Fuel


1st Reg



Up to 100






101 to 110






111 to 120






121 to 130






131 to 140






141 to 150






151 to 165






166 to 175






176 to 185






186 to 200






201 to 225






226 to 255






Over 255





  • Those first registered and licensed in the disabled exempt taxation class*
  • Historic vehicles previously registered with the old local authorities (late conversions)*
  • Vehicles previously registered in Northern Ireland*
  • Imported vehicles previously registered under the personal export scheme and new means of transport scheme*
  • Visiting forces vehicles*
  • Vehicles registered under the direct export scheme*
  • Vehicles registered for off road use only*
  • Crown exempt vehicles*

A VDOC manager must be able to prove at all times to both management and the authorities that their vehicle RFL (Road Fund Licence) records are up to date and displayed correctly on all vehicles driven on company business!

Signed for - Written instructions and advice to all drivers of vehicles on company business!

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