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  • Vehicles Duty of Care - "Safe Drivers and Safe Vehicles for ALL Business Use"

Explain Driver Safety, Health and Hours in your Company Car Policy Booklet

No matter how big or small your company car fleet your company drivers must have a written company car policy

The Subheading Driver Safety, Health and Hours is explained below and the other headings and subheadings are in the right-hand column.
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A Written Company Car Policy in a booklet given to all who drive vehicles on behalf of the Company, is a must for Vehicle Duty of Care managers serious about protecting themselves, their company and drivers.

All vehicles owned by the Company, an employee or third party, when driven on business for the company the driver must be aware of their responsibilities and that of the company.

Our favourite saying in this business is "It is not what you have done but what you can prove you have done!" and the best way is to have it written down for all to see!

You only need one disgruntled driver to cause you and your company grief!

Your company car policy given in a booklet to each driver and signed for by them makes it difficult for anybody to argue with your written word.

We have used an example of what we mean by including in full a Company Car Policy written by us for a large company incorporating some of their instructions.

Driver Safety, Health & Hours

The Horizontal Amending Directive (HAD 2004) contains key provisions that affect all EU driver safety, health and hours. These are interpreted by the company as follows:-

  • A 48-hour average working week (excluding commuting).
  • Four weeks paid annual leave.
  • Regular health checks and eyesight tests for all drivers on company business. The company reserves the right to ask at any time for written confirmation of a driver's health and eyesight.
  • Regular assessment of a driver's knowledge and road craft skills. The company reserves the right at any time to have any driver evaluated by a qualified instructor.
  • The company recognises the need to ensure company drivers get "adequate rest" on the road. A good driver organises their working day with plenty of safety margin built in for "adequate rest".
  • Irrespective of how safe or alert a driver feels, a maximum aggregated driving limit of 4.5 hours consecutive or accumulated, with breaks of 45 minutes or a combination of shorter breaks of at least 15 minutes totalling 45 minutes is acceptable to the company. Drivers of HGV vehicles should refer to more detailed information in their section.
  • A short break i.e., parked safely for a doze, a relaxing drink or some energy food such as a banana, will do far more for the driver and other road users than turning up the radio or winding down the window and still continuing to drive.

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Any Driver or Vehicle used on any Business of any form from the School teacher taking little Nikki home with a cut finger or the church warden taking the Alter Cloth to the dry cleaners - to the heavy goods vehicle on its way with 20 tonnes of white goods - All must have a vehicle policy booklet, which they have signed for!

This means all must have "Business Insurance" of one type or another for all vehicles used on any business of that company or organisation.

You must also include the Driver's signatures for their Company Car policy on your Vehicle Driver Checklist!

Don't forget to Check their Driving Licence as well!

VDOC - Golden Rule

"It is not what you have done but what you can prove you have done!"

POLICY BOOKLET Headings & Subheadings

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