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  • Vehicles Duty of Care - "Safe Drivers and Safe Vehicles for ALL Business Use"


AC10-AC30, BA10-BA30, CD10-CD70, CU10-CU50, DD40-DD80, DR10-DR90, IN10, LC20-LC50, MS10-MS90, MW10, PC10-PC30, SP10-SP50, TS10-TS70, TT99, UT50.

Codes for Penalty Points are shown on your driver's part 2 driving licence along with the amount of time they will remain there. The driver will also see it on the paperwork they receive from the authorities (Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Courts Etc.).

You as VDOC manager must monitor on a company vehicle checklist the driving licences of all drivers on your companies or oranisations business on a regular basis to ensure that your duty of care in this area does not catch you out!

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Penalty Code


AC10 AC20 AC30

Disqualified drivers

BA10 BA30

Careless Driver

CD10 CD20 CD30 CD40 CD50 CD60 CD70

Construction & Use

CU10 CU20 CU30 CU40 CU50

Reckless/Dangerous Driving

DD40 DD60 DD80

Drink or Drugs

DR10 DR20 DR30 DR40 DR50 DR60 DR70 DR80 DR90




LC20 LC30 LC40 LC50


MS10 MS20 MS30 MS40 MS50 MS60 MS70 MS80 MS90



Pedestrian Crossings

PC10 PC20 PC30

Speed Limits

SP10 SP20 SP30 SP40 SP50

Traffic Direction & Signs

TS10 TS20 TS30 TS40 TS50 TS60 TS70

Special Code


Theft or Unauthorised Taking


The following Video is only a couple of seconds or so long and not really a traffic violation but it makes you think that potholes are getting bigger!

NB. A VDOC manager must be able to prove at all times to both management and the authorities from their vehicle driver checklist that their driving licence records are up to date and that includes Penalty Points!

Once all checks have been carried out then the Drivers licence details should be entered on an authorised vehicle driver list, preferably with copies of both parts of the licence kept on file.

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"It is not what you have done but what you can prove you have done!"


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