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Vehicles Duty of Care
  • Vehicles Duty of Care - "Safe Drivers and Safe Vehicles for ALL Business Use"

What is a Business Driver?

Company drivers

Who are Your Company Drivers?

A Business Driver is anyone who drives on Company or Organisation Business - be they owner, employee, part time, hired, family member or friend!

Following any - Accident - Incident - Claim - or Offence - The Police - Crown Prosecution Service - Health & Safety Executive - and Insurance Companies will investigate and ask the question -

"Was the Driver on business for a Company or Organisation?"

If Yes, then any action or proceedings they take against the driver under Current Legislation can now include the company or organisation on whose business they were driving!

The Authorities will want to check all of the following...

Your Driver Records

Company Driver
  • Driving Licence Current - Any Points?
  • Named driver with correct insurance cover
  • Medical checks - fit for job?

Job Description

Company Van Driver

Working Practices

Company Car Driver

  • Driver Work Shedule - Bonus Schemes?
  • Journey Planning - Rest Periods?
  • Use of Phones - SatNavs' Etc?

Any Driver on the Business of a Company or Organisation in any form from - the School teacher taking little Nikki home with a cut finger - the church warden taking the Alter Cloth to the dry cleaners - to the heavy goods vehicle on its way with 20 tonnes of white goods - All are Owed a Duty of Care by you as VDOC Manager!

This means all must have "Business Insurance" of one type or another for all vehicles used on any business of that company or organisation. You must also include them on your Vehicle Driver Checklist!

If you haven't done already take a good look at our 10 point policy and consider putting it into your company structure before the incident you never thought would happen - happens!

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VDOC - Golden Rule

"It is not what you have done but what you can prove you have done!"

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